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On The Road (Gun) Again

On The Road (Gun) Again

hazard 4 bagMy good friend Michael Bane talks about “road guns,” the guns you bring with you if you’re going somewhere and want more than your daily carry pistol with you. He was kind enough to mention this article I did on using a Glock brace. I ended up keeping the Recover Tactical “stabilizer” from that test, using it with a Glock 19 that is almost identical to my everyday carry Glock. This means that, if needed, I can swap mags with impunity between the guns.

Also, a few weeks ago I talked about the civilian version of a bail out bag, the bag you have with you when the world goes to hell and you need to leave your vehicle right this very second. I took the gear I had in that bag and put it into a Rocket sling bag from Hazard 4. The bag looks great, holds all my stuff and surprisingly, doesn’t look all that tacticool*. Rather than a hydration pouch, I went with an OKO H2O filtration water bottle stuffed into one of the side pockets. This bottle did really well on a water filtration test, being one of the few to filter out not just bacteria, but viruses as well.

Now, is this a little overboard? Maybe. But the bag is small enough to go with me wherever I go, so I don’t have to leave it in my car as I go about my day. Things are weird right now, and they’re about to get weirder. Having more than just a pistol with me as I go about my daily routine makes a lot of sense right now.

* Take a look around you, at the people (especially the men) waiting at the bus stops in your town, or the students at your local university. I’d be willing to bet you’ll see a lot more MOLLE bags than you’d expect. People are starting to get clued in that MOLLE is a great way to organize the gear in all sorts of cases.

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