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Junk In The Trunk

Right now, there are probably one or two of you who read this article on the home defense gun for when you’re away from home and you’re thinking “Boy, that sounds like a great trunk gun! I should git me one of them!”


First off, trunk guns are a bad idea. I am not a fan of leaving guns in unattended cars, so you either have to carry a backpack with you into Walmart, or you leave it there in your car, waiting for someone to smash your window and get paid.

Secondly, on a whim, I decided to see how long it takes me to swing the sling pack I’m using to carry the Glock / brace combo I’m using, get it into action and make a hit on a four inch plate that’s 25 yards downrange.

On average, after five tries, it took me just under 10 seconds to unzip the bag, extract the gun, flip over the brace, charge the gun (more on that in a bit) and then finally make the shot. Which is… not fast. I can draw and make a 25 yard headshot in 3 seconds. Why, therefore, do I need to unpack a bigger, clunkier gun to make the exact same shot?

And yes, I carry that gun in the pack with no round in the chamber. If I absolutely have to do off-body carry, I prefer to do it chamber-empty, aka “cruiser-ready.” the trigger is exposed in that bag, and I have no way for knowing if some little knick knack has wormed it’s way in between ┬áthe trigger guard and the trigger, just waiting for the right opportunity to cause mayhem. Anything without a covered trigger needs an extra layer of safety, so that is what I carry the Glock chamber-empty in the bag.