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Getting Back To My Roots

Many, many years ago, back when dinosaurs roamed the Earth and people were allowed to laugh at funny jokes, I had a blog.

It wasn’t much of a blog, it was a URL on Blogger where I’d post links that I thought were interesting or I’d rant about the technology of the day. But it got me in the habit or writing something every day about one thing or another.

A few years after that, my friend Jon Gabriel and I decided to start a group blog. We wrote about all sorts of things, and we started to gain some attention from other conservative/libertarian bloggers. Quite a lot of attention, really, which was rather cool.

Then I started to get into firearms and armed personal defense, and I started writing about that as well. That led to doing freelance work for Shooting Illustrated, American Riflemen, the USCCA and a host of other publications. This got me a lot of attention, and it was really, really cool.

Something happened around 2012 or so. I stopped blogging, as started posting on Facebook. This was fun, because a lot of blogging is, quite frankly, shouting into the abyss and hoping someone hears you. With social media, though, the results were immediate, and the results were real. I got likes! I got followers! People made smiley reacts to my jokes! I was somebody!

Social media is addicting. Social media is a drug. And it was a drug that was taking over my life.

So this is my methadone to social media’s heroin. I’m getting back into the blogging game. Look for my links and longer content and rants and snarky remarks to show up here, rather than on Facebook. I may write about politics here, I might not. I might write about music here, I might not. I probably won’t write that much about guns, though, as I get paid to do that sort of thing for other people.

How often will I write here? I dunno. I need to retrain long-disused mental muscles and get in the habit of writing articles, not social media posts. However, I figure that it was high time I kicked the social media habit and start writing on MY platform, not on someone else’s.

It’s high time we take control of internet back from the people who want to rule over our online lives.

Power (back) to the people, y’all.

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  1. Facebook really did slowly strangle my interest in blogging, both as a commenter and as a writer.

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