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Source Material

Source Material

A few years ago, I made up my mind to learn firearms training from as many original sources as possible. I was too late to the game to learn from people like Jeff Cooper, Jim Cirillo or Todd Louis Green, but could go out and train with the people who were still around. If you’re going to learn Mexican cooking, you need to take trips to Sonora, to Puebla and to Ensenada. If you want to learn to play the blues, you’re going to show up in Kansas City, Chicago and a myriad of places along the Mississippi. So it is with firearms training. There are some people who are iconic on this field, and they are the ones who started the movement.

So I took a MAG40. I went to Gunsite. I took (and, if I’m honest, failed) ECQC. I went out and tried to find people who either created or synthesized the ideas behind much of what is taught in contemporary firearms training in order to learn from the source.

That journey continues this year with John Farnam’s Urban Rifle class. John is a master of using an AR as a defensive firearm, and I am really looking forward to taking this class.

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