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Our Gun Rights, Ourselves

Salena Zito has a terrific article on how the world changed in 2020, and what might lie ahead in 2021. We need to stop letting the .gov do things for us, and remember our roots as individuals.

How much more loss of treasure, community, family, liberty, and livelihood are we supposed to give up? And how is it that we’ve allowed the government to continue to pick who the winners and losers are in these restrictions?

Which got me thinking. When people come to us for firearms advice, they are looking for a personal solution to a national problem. They know that the events of 2020 have affected society as a whole, and are looking to protect themselves and their loved ones.

It’s ironic, then, that when it comes to defending our right to keep and bear arms, we tell people to join the NRA or the Second Amendment Foundation or similar, rather than do something about it themselves. It’d be like someone coming to us for personal security training, and we tell them the best thing they can do is donate to the police benevolent fund.

That doesn’t make sense.

If gun rights are truly a grassroots movement, it shouldn’t wait around until the NRA does something about. Want more gun rights? Make more people aware of the need for gun rights. Stop waiting for someone else, take someone shooting, and change the world.