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Invest In Yourself

Invest In Yourself

We talked about how for Gun Culture 2.0, guns = tires. Now let’s talk about training. 

And honestly, the very idea of formal firearms training is something that is inherently unique to Gun Culture 2.0. Gun Culture 1.0 didn’t care that much for training: It was either your uncle who was a cop teaching you how to shoot a 38 snubbie, or it was a hunter education class you took to get your license. Training, for the most part, was done by family members, for family members. 

Gun Culture 1.0 was all about the positive outcomes of a day’s hunt out in the field. Gun Culture 2.0 is all about avoiding the negative outcome of losing your life to violent crime. Training is a bulwark against the consequences of that moment, just as learning about investing is a bulwark against losing everything you own due to a poor economy. 

Moreover, all financial investments are not equally sound. Some people buy Beanie Babies, others invest in blue chips. Your friend who has the great stock tip is one thing. A diverse portfolio with mutual funds, bonds and real estate is another. Some people trust their financial future to Ponzi schemes. Others choose differently. 

In the same way, all firearms trainers are not equal, either. Sure, there’s your friend who’s the cop who has been shooting your entire life, and then there’s an NRA certified trainer. At the top of the pyramid, there are people with multiple instructors certificates from multiple locations who have learned from a diverse series of instructors in order to provide you with the best training possible. Investing is sold as safeguarding yourself against future calamity. That’s exactly what firearms training is. Gun Culture 2.0 is all about avoiding negative outcomes, and training and investing allow that to happen. 

It’s your life. Invest in it wisely.