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A Calm Center In The Storm

A Calm Center In The Storm

Anyone who’s ever debated guns from the pro-Second Amendment side of things is familiar with the phrase “have a conversation about guns.” What this usually means is that those of us who believe in the individual right to keep and bear arms will be harangued for hours (if not days) on end about how nobody needs a gun and we’re more likely to have an negligent discharge than a defensive gun use and why the idea of a government turning on its citizens is just silly.

And besides, why do you need an AR-15, anyways?

Noticeable missing from this “conversation” was any conversing. Rather, it’s usually one side explaining, in no uncertain terms, why they are smarter than you (just ask them, they’ll tell you they are) and why you are wrong.

Which is why Dr. David Yamane’s new book, “Gun Curious: A Liberal Professor’s Surprising Journey Inside America’s Gun Culture” is such a breath of fresh air. Dr. Yamane is a member of academia and decidedly a liberal, however, he is truly interested in having an actual conversation about guns. As he puts it, 99.84 percent of gun owners are law abiding citizens. Why isn’t academia studying these people, rather than focusing on the negative outcomes generated by the 0.16 percent of gun owners who commit crimes?

I’ve had a chance to read a galley proof of “Gun Curious,” and I highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in arming themself with knowledge, as well as actual arms. You can pre-order it on Amazon right now.